Hei in english

Heispillet is a board game suitable for kids of all ages and families.

The game consists of a variety of questions about what you like, dislike and your experiences.

The questions are used to spark conversations between kids and adults. It allows you to learn about the other person's thoughts, feelings and seeing things from another's perspective. This allows you to discuss themes that you might not have time to on a daily basis, giving you an indication to what is important for the other person. You might even get to know each other a little bit better, which can be good for both parts.  The game is easy to understand and suitable for all age groups.

It contains a range of question cards on themes such as relationships, self-esteem, fantasy and the ability to view things from another's perspective.

The question (cards) can also be used on their own, as a way of talking together about different themes.

Playing games is a natural way for kids and adults to discuss feelings and thoughts.

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